Confessions of a Skincare Addict

The new boys are town are not just good, they are really good. These are a few products packing a punch lately and have impressed me allot...

Estee Lauders new Advanced Night Repair Serum worried allot of faithful fans (including me) when they re-launched a new version. Many thought, ‘if it aint broke’…. but, as a faithful fan for about 6 years now, I think the new formula is just as good as the old version and has an even better ingredient list…and if the skincare guru, that is Caroline Hirons likes it …who I am to disagree! If my skin is a little stressed out and I’m over tired a good layer of this does make for clearer skin the next day and it also doesn’t feel greasy, a big plus for an oily skinned gal like me.

Alpha H has been a skincare brand having big love of mine for a while, the Liquid Gold is a genius exfoliating product and I would not be without this bad boy in my drawer. The Balancing Cleanser works for me best in the morning as it’s creamy (I don’t like using oil in the mornings) and I buff it off with my muslin cloth and I'm good to go…loving it so far!

Aesop is a brand I haven’t used before but getting real hype in the UK at the moment... my faithful Eve Lom Rescue Mask ran out and I felt like changing it up (brave) so in came Aesop Parsley Seed Mask and it’s a winner! It feels so refreshing and purifying on the skin and has kept all those hormonal breakouts I used to get on my chin at bay, slightly cheaper than the Eve Lom mask as well and using this makes me feel abit French, don’t know why…but I like!

Lastly it’s the High-Potency Night-A-Mins cream from Origins which I have never really dived into before as a skincare brand but it’s a hard working overnight product and I feel like I'm delivering some proteins and healthy stuff to my face, the sent is yummy like a freshly peeled oranges and not overpowering (unless you hate oranges)….my only slight, slight gripe is that I do feel it leaves a slight film on my skin in the morning (grrrrr oily skin) so I have to really buff that away when I do my morning routine…but bottom line is ,it works and it feels like I’m being very good to my skin..…result!

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